Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Spain seeks Volunteer English Teachers

The Spanish Government seeks Volunteer Teachers for new English Language Education Project.

Vaughan Systems, in collaboration with the Spanish Government, offers English native speakers the chance to teach English for 2 months while living in the quaint Spanish countryside.
The government of Castile-Leon wants to enhance the English-learning process of pre-schoolers and early elementary school students, and they want to do it by bringing in native speakers from all corners of the world. Volunteers would help as teaching assistants and would see that the English language is alive and well in the classrooms of north central Spain.

Positions are available in various locations throughout the Castile-Leon area. This area of Spain is one of the most emblematic in the history of the country. It is the home of El Cid and it was the area that most promoted the reconquest of the Spain from the Moors.

What do you do?
The volunteer will do his or her best to be a fun, valuable asset for the school and for the young students in their efforts to start at an early age to gain a minimum ability with the English language. The curriculum in Spanish pre-schools and elementary schools is almost identical to what is found in primary education around the world. The student age groups would be approximately between 3 and 8 and classroom size between 25 and 35.

What do you get?
In exchange, the project covers housing and offers a small monthly stipend, insurance plus opportunities for occasional weekend excursions and activities. The maximum stay for the volunteer would be three months.

The program kicks off on April 13, 2009 and spaces are limited.

How to Apply?
write to : Mayte Ziga
Vaughan Systems
+34 91 748 59 50 ext 126


Mayte Ziga
+34 91 748 59 50 ext 126

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