Monday, 25 August 2008

Post tavel Articles on Trust Earned (

Welcome to Trust Earned Travel (TET). TET was conceived in 1997 to educate and protect travelers.

TET gathers information about travel service providers who volunteer to become TET Seal Holders by complying with its rules and standards of conduct. TET then shares that information with the traveling public.

TET Seal Holders proudly display the TET Seal on their web site so visitors know it complies with the highest ethical and professional standards of the travel industry and can easily click the Seal to validate the company's compliance.

We publish travel articles related to geographic areas of interest to travelers and give full acknowledgement to the author in terms of biography and link to their website.

Submit an article to Trust Earned Travel so that other travelers can learn from your experiences and recommendations; your "do's and don'ts". There is no charge to be published - your articles are published on a non-exclusive basis. Submit articles and accompanying image at If you have multiple images, they can be sent to

Jeffrey Bleaman