Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Help Start an Education Blog! (Work from Home)

We are an educational consulting firm and one of our clients is looking to start a blog dedicated to the world of public school education.

We would like the blog to track and comment on current events within the education industry – including, but not limited to: administrative initiatives worthy of national and local press coverage, new administrative appointees, upcoming vacancies, major events that impact school districts (political alliances/community partnerships/natural disasters), published test data and achievement records, ground-breaking ventures in district policy or strategy, reform efforts, funding stories (major donations and/or partnerships with non-profits, etc.)

Are you blogger? Do you follow educational politics?
Please put together a proposal for how you would get this up and running and then how you would manage it on an ongoing basis.

If you’re proposal is accepted you could be hired to be a professional blogger!

Please present a proposal for the following:
• Starting the blog
• Maintaining the blog
• Compensation for each of the above
• Why you are the best candidate to handle this project

Proposals Due: January 5th
To be delivered via email along with resume and/or brief bio telling us who you are.

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