Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Content Writer - Social Networking/Travel

TravelFriends Inc (, an internet startup where friends, family and coworkers share their travel experiences is looking for content writers.

We are searching for people who can provide great content for our website. As a TravelFriends' Content Provider you are passionate about sharing current travel information with the world. Our ideal candidate is a person who has traveled to different locations or who loves to travel, wants to share the best current travel tips with everyone, can write concise and engaging travel reviews and provide photos and video(s) of their experience.


• Write travel reviews about your local place (in case you live in a place that tourists love to visit), places you have traveled to and other places you have researched. Ideally, you are able to provide content for both local and far away destinations (sometimes based on research only).

• Write reviews that are filled with information that people want to know, such as places to go, where to get the best deals, transportation tips, etc. The reviews should include photos and, if possible, video(s) created by you


• Must be familiar with using and posting content (including photo and video uploads) on social networking and other websites.
• Strong writing abilities - able to produce copy that uses correct grammar, syntax, and punctuation.

To apply go to and learn about its offering. If interested, join and submit reviews that we can look at.

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