Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Press Trip: Amazing Race For Regular People' Trip to Europe

Competitours is a new company that is launching a team travel competition as a unique and intriguing travel alternative to the traditional backpacking and group tour packages to Europe. Secret itinerary, surprise daily challenges, videoblogging to earn points, are all intact elements of the trip.

Date: March 15-22, 2009

What's Included?
. Writer and partner's air to/from Newark
. 6 nights double occupancy lodging
. Eurail tickets
. admissions will be reimbursed

What's Not Included?
. Meals are on your own

Who Can Apply?
Writer who has a PROVEN article acceptance from major travel media wire services and major market publication outlets like AP, NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, Travel/Leisure. Nat Geog Traveler, etc.

Steve Belkin

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