Saturday, 3 January 2009

Hawaii Tourism Association Presents AlohaTalk

Haleiwa, Hawaii (USA) 02 Jan 2009: Hawaii Tourism Association, the public and private membership organization recently founded dedicated to establishing specific lobby groups that will cover airlines, tourism policies and communication, has started a new discussion forum dedicated to the discussion of anything and everything that pertains to Hawaii and its tourism products.

Called AlohaTalk, subscribers are stakeholders from both the private and public sectors including the media, thousands of travel agents, tour operators, tourism officials, PR and marketing organizations and associations both from Hawaii and around the globe.

As a member of AlohaTalk, participants are given the chance to share their experiences and expertise by posting comments, opinions, questions and recommendations about Hawaii tourism. The idea behind AlohaTalk is to facilitate the exchange ideas for the betterment of Hawaii tourism products.

Individuals and organizations interested in joining AlohaTalk can do so by visiting to sign up. The service costs nothing to join.

Furthermore, AlohaTalk is a sophisticated discussion forum in that it utilizes a program that filters advertisements. So, not only is the service free of charge, members are guaranteed to never be bombarded by advertisements.

To learn more about Hawaii Tourism Association, visit

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